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Welcome to the best hair salon in Melbourne, situated in the lovely suburb of Northcote. Hair grooming Northcote is synonym to Barbers of Northcote. We house the best hairdressers for men, as well as the leading styling products that really give you the edge. Extensive experience in men’s grooming services is what sets us apart from competition and we have propelled our reputation as the leading hair grooming Northcote service. From buzz cuts, skin fades all the way to bread grooming and styling we perform all services with exceptional results. Browse our social media too and get a feel for the final looks we can exhibit. Hair grooming Northcote for amazing clients.




-Leading men’s hair styling services and hair grooming Northcote services

-Complimentary beer or coffee with each cut

-Extensive experience in the industry with great knowledge

-Use of state-of-the-art hair styling products, such as Muk and Uppercut

-Crisp clean beard trimming and lining services

-Awarded the best barbers Northcote title

-Equitable pricing on all cuts, trims and services

-Creativity, staff growth and an amazing working environment

-Liaise with clients to accurately get the final outcome


Reliability, dedication and attention to detail are the three main pylons we build our success on here at Barbers of Northcote. When you hear the phrase “Hair grooming Northcote” your mind should automatically pinpoint to one company and that’s us! With leading procedures and a desire for client satisfaction, we are the leading barber shop in Northcote. For more information on our services or if you want to view galleries feel free to find us on social media and book your next appointment, today!

Northcote Barber Shop Barbers of Northcote

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